NFTCH vol. 1

Maybe you were wondering what the title meant soooo: NAI’s Fun Times and Cool Hangs

Ministries I have been apart of the past year are always using acronyms, smh. They finally won me. I still refuse to use a pun. I will hold out against 601, running joke over here. As the acronym states it’s all about my fun times and cool hangs I want to share since I been in China for the past month….

  • Staff Retreat – Picture is the team at Paintball

This is Day 2 in China. Started it like any normal person who hasn’t gotten use to the jet lag…was up at 5:30am. Fast forward to like 8:30ish am. I was going to send a few emails when the urge hit me, I needed food. I was in the kitchen when I heard keys and the door knob making noise. Now we were supposed to meet downstairs at 10am to take a van to the city and meet up with the rest of the team, so I was very confuse. I thought, “Who the hell is at my door?” As I approached the door slowly from the side my boss, John ,had it unlocked and was coming in with his camera. He didn’t know I was behind the door, and when he crossed the threshold and was in our house, he looked right and saw my face a foot from him..AHHHHH!! He screamed. Plan backfired. It was I who scared him hahahaha It was the first time he and I met, a foot away from each other. Best first impression. Later that day I lit him up in the back at paintball and two other people in the face, but my luck ran out when I got shot in the butt smh But I can officially say I paintballed in China

  • Basketball at Guangwai

Austin and I decided to do some outreach at one of the thousand bball courts. He and I walked up to the only court that had 2 Chinese guys playing. We asked if we could join and they said no problem. Now I will be the first to admit I’m not good at basketball. I mean I can play defense “well”, but if we had a referee, then I would foul out by the end of game. And Austin..I plead the fifth Anywho, we started to play, and it is only fair that each American had a Chinese teammate. It was fun stuffing Austin or blocking his passes with my wide arm span. Making shots that completely missed the rim or running the same play of passing to my teammate, Wilton, would have made any coach pissed, but I was an American. Students came around the game, watched us, and took pictures of us. Austin and I tried to impress, but kinda led us to make embarrassing shots or “Wtf” passes. In the end, Austin’s teammate didn’t have an American name, so since I called him Kobe during the game I elected to give him that name. It took! He is now known as, Kobe. 

  • Austin’s scooter vs. my bike

Austin and I left our fellowship which is roughly about a mile and half away from each of our apartments. At this time Austin was a scooter owner for maybe a day. He informed me of how occasionally He and Jared on their bicycles would hold on to the back of Tyrone’ scooter. So what does one do when informed of this information… Exactly!! You hold on and trust the inexperience driver. What can go wrong? So we start off. Now the layout of the island involves 3 loops: Outer, middle, inner. We were heading to the inner loop where there were a lot of cars, bikes, and tons of runners on the road. Since honestly road laws are non-existent over here. Austin approaches the circle not stopping. I am behind him to the left. He starts off veering left to dodge the runners and bikes, but notices the car approaching. Thinking of only his own life, he doesn’t inform me that he has bailed on the going left option, but wants to go right. This action causes me to sling shot into the road where the car that was heading, and now it’s 10ft from me blowing it’s horn. Thank God I had room to pedal out the way. Warning 1.  

As we laugh about the situation we almost had, we assess that our actions are not ideal especially that the road is slippery. Stormed for a good part of the day. As I continued to bike the inner loop to the middle loop there is a big hill. I wasn’t about exerting the energy, “Austin slow down. I want to grab on. Remember I’m on your left!” As we go up the hill and speed toward the middle loop intersection Austin begins to blow his horn Giving the warning of our approach to the pedestrians in the crosswalk. Well there was this Chinese guy that apparently wasn’t about stopping. As we continue our approach and speed roughly 20ft away now the crosswalk we begin to judge his stride and veer left, so that as the guy continues to walk we will dodge him. The plan backfired. He became a “deer in the headlights” as we got closer. He froze and took a step backwards directly in line with Austin’s scooter, so Austin dodged him veering right which caused his back tire to hit my front wheel. Flip. Bang. Screech. Yep I blinked and was on the ground managing to only scrape my right forearm and get brush burns. To top it all off another Chinese guy walking along and must have seen says, “Are you okay?” Me laughing responds, “Yeah.” His retort, “You need to learn to ride more careful.” and continues to walk off. haha

These are just so many funny stories to share, but my Chinese teacher thinking I asked her out definitely goes in top five. I may put that one in vol. 2.

Lesson for the day: You need to learn to ride more careful


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