Will To Do or Not To Do

“The pessimist looks down and hits his head. The optimist looks up and loses his footing. The realist looks forward and adjusts his path accordingly.” — King Ezekiel

Who doesn’t love the Fall? I mean a crisp cool breeze, perfect temperature to rock the beenie and hoodie, the leaves losing their shade of green and transitioning their hue to colors of yellow, orange, and red…What the hell am I saying, We from the Boot and that ain’t any description of our weather down here in the South. The Lord blessed me with an opportunity to experience this typical description of Fall over in New Mexico and Arizona. How my family picked the wrong location to call home; yet, why do I think and call this place home?

Remember my look on life is from a Christian perspective, With the holidays coming up we get so caught up in this culture norm of being “home for the holidays”. Again what constitutes your families dwelling as home? Before your parents resided there it was a collection of materials. Before that it was land. Before that it was a gift from the creator  to his creation made in His image to steward His blessings for ultimate pronouncement of His glory. Yes, it’s nice to have things and not be considered “poor” but what makes us more entitled then those lest fortunate? Is it because we sticked to our talents and pushed forward to make something of our life and cover the essentials: shelter, financial security, loans and/or bills, etc. Dawg that’s cold. This holiday those people you pass on by at the street lights, you know the ones that call the bridge their home, go out your way and bring them something warm to eat and well maybe something cold to drink with this heat. 

Got to love when you learn something from a young child. Shows you how “mature” you really think you have come. My cousin who is eight or nine years old is a picky eater to say the least. When my Aunt makes her a pupusa she takes one bite and makes a squirmish face because she doesn’t like the cheese. I trying to be a good older cousin told her, “Listen chica, you need to help your momma out and eat what she makes and put infront of you.” Her response, “Why?”  “Why you ask? Your momma works hard to provide for you, so you need to cooperate with her and help her out. Being picky only makes problems, so I would love if you could help her out and eat that pupusa. Even if you don’t like it you should eat it because your momma made it for you. “Why would I do something if I don’t like it? You make no sense, Nikolai.” Point, Irene. 

“Why would I do something if I don’t like it?” How unfortunate does that thought plague me at times; yet, seems at a young age we establish this norm. Don’t misunderstand I’m saying the parent here is at fault. What I’m saying is ingrained in us all at a very young age this idea where if we don’t like it why bother and do it. Now of course for many of us we grow up and realize we need to do things we don’t like to do: take a job to pay the bills, homework, passing on the party to study in the library, stop texting that guy or girl, etc…the list is endless. Now on the other hand I like to be aware of traps I fall into. I mean who doesn’t want to always be growing and maturing. I push myself and conquer my mishaps because I’m awesome That last sentence should have been read in a sarcastic tone. In the words of Paul in his letter to the Romans describe me as well:“I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” What a pickle I find myself in

Now I’m currently reading this phenomenal history book recording revivals throughout the centuries and globally. I mean there is something about knowing the struggles other brother and sisters went through to put in perspective our current mishaps as well His faithfulness to them. I mean the stories that are recorded are amazing! Too many times us mere humans regardless your labeled denomination or religion love to move out on our own will. We are stubbornly driven to rebel and kick God out the driver seat, so we can have control. Our hope always go to what we deemed worth it and then push and push until we achieve it. Which then anything that challenges that set hope of ours, it’s like the young punk gets awaken: ohh hell nah you ain’t getting me to do that. I don’t like that. 

This worship song I share is what our Christian brothers and sisters in Africa sang during persecution, translated in English ofcourse:

Tukutendereza Yesu (We Praise You, Jesus)

Precious Savior, Thou hast saved me; Thine, and only Thine I am; Oh, the cleansing blood has reached me! Glory, glory to the Lamb!

Glory, Glory hallelujah! Glory, glory to the Lamb! Oh, the cleansing blood has reached me! Glory, glory to the Lamb!

Long my yearning heart was striving to obtain this precious rest; But when all my struggles ended, simply trusted I was blessed.

Trusting, trusting every moment; Feeling now the blood applied, Lying in the cleansing fountain, Dwelling in my Savior’s side.

Consecrated to Thy service, I will live and die to Thee; I will witness to Thy glory, Of salvation, full and free.

Yes, I will stand up for Jesus, He has sweetly saved my soul, Cleansed my soul from sin’s corruption, Sanctified, and made me whole.

Glory to the Lord who bought me, Glory for His saving power; Glory to the Lord who keeps me, Glory, glory evermore!

I pray we mature and join in this sweet praise


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